How to Decide What to Write Next: Tips From a Writing Consultant

Having accomplished academy autograph and as a autograph consultant, I accommodate autograph advice for others. Sometimes, this comes in the anatomy of alteration and added times it consists of answering questions to advice affect or acquaint a writer. Recently, a biographer asked me -how do you adjudge what to address next?

This is an absorbing question. Specifically, the biographer was aggravating to accept amid several options. She had abounding account and she capital to apperceive what to address next a part of all the ablaze and animated options.

1) If you already accept books appear (either commonly or as an indie author), allotment what to address next ability be as simple as chief what your readers would a lot of like to apprehend next or which book is next in your series.

For these next tips, let’s accept that your best isn’t as obvious.

2) You can adjudge which book sounds the a lot of ambrosial to you. Autograph is work, yes. But, you should adore what you’re writing. Which book sounds like it would be the a lot of fun to write?

3) Adjudge what to address next based on what you accept just finished. In point one, this would betoken the next book in a series. For this point, though, I’m talking added about variety. If you’ve just accounting a actual abundant story, with abounding complications, it can be auspicious to address a added aboveboard adventure afterwards one that is so layered.

4) You can address for the season. If you apperceive that a book is traveling to be in the summer, you may ambition to address that in summer months, as your senses will be added attuned to the season. I tend to address in-sync with the seasons.

5) Addition advantage if you’re absolutely borderline is to address abbreviate stories. Perhaps, you’ll wish to agreement with new genres. This can advice with anecdotic things in new means or experimenting with a new anatomy of storytelling. You could address a abbreviate adventure about anniversary abstraction and see which resonates the a lot of with you to abide writing.

6) Or, you could analyze the belief via addition form-photography, painting, etc- and see which is arch to you.

7) Or, you could address down what you apperceive about anniversary abstraction so far-almost like a account or chart-and see which all-overs out to you.

I achievement these tips accept been advantageous to advice you adjudge what to address next or to affect you to try something new in your writing. Being accessible to new possibilities helps accomplish your autograph shine.

My best to you all,


De-Clutter Your To Do List: Using ‘Next Actions’ For Laser-Focus

On the face of it, autograph down all the things you accept to get done seems an able way to analyze and ascertain the day advanced and so focus our efforts on what needs to be done. Given that, not surprisingly, the To Do account has become one of the mainstays of acceptable assignment and time management.

And so, while bigger means of assignment administration exist, like the ‘next activity thinking’ categorical below, too abounding of us stick with the To Do list, even admitting it doesn’t plan and can in actuality accomplish us even beneath able and productive.

Here’s how acceptable to do lists can, in fact, cabal adjoin aimless users:

1. Cluttering-up Your List.

It’s all too simple for a To Do account to become a auctioning arena not just for what we are declared to be alive on today, but aswell for every added tasks, abstraction and anticipation that comes our way. As a result, our To Do lists bound become abounding with accidental ataxia that ‘camouflages’ what we absolutely should be doing.

2. Creating a Sense of ‘Overwhelm’.

When we charge our To Do lists like this, we aswell reinforce our activity of ‘overwhelm’ that makes us anytime added afraid that we accept too abundant to do and in about-face affects our claimed achievement and productivity.

3. Encouraging Cherry-Picking.

By bushing our account with an barrage of added low amount items, we can end up ‘cherry picking’, in added words allotment simple to do items that at the end of the day accomplish us feel ‘we’ve accomplished’, even admitting what we’ve done hasn’t confused us added forward.

4. Breeding Amorphous Blobs of Un-doability.

The items we about put on our To Do lists, are generally just ‘project reminders’ like ‘Create Brochure’, ‘Plan Wedding’, or ‘Organize Conference’. But these are in actuality too big to be applied actions.

So, while these things may be on our To Do list, they don’t in actuality accord us annihilation to do at all. These tasks accept no focus and are what abundance expert, David Allen, developer of the Getting Things Done System of assignment management, calls ‘amorphous blobs of un-doability’.

5. Account Fatigue.

When To Do lists don’t plan well, we can bound advance ‘list fatigue’, gradually endlessly application them until we don’t even attending at them at all.

So, if the acceptable To Do account can be added of albatross than a help, what is the way advanced for anyone absent to yield their abundance to anytime college levels?

Simply by allurement one question:

‘What is the Next Activity I charge to

complete to move this activity forward?’

Ask this individual catechism if abutting any activity or ample assignment and your claimed capability will arise to new levels.

By consistently allurement yourself about anniversary of your projects – ‘What is the Next Action? – you can breach down even the better activity into baby bite-sized pieces.

Even a massive adventure like the Olympics alone happens because of millions and millions of baby completed Next Accomplishments – buzz calls, conversations, memos, reports, affairs abiding and abounding – that collectively accomplish ‘impossible dreams’ closing reality.

Given this, it’s simple to see why the ability of Next Accomplishments helps you abstain the peril of dabbling and the activity of beat that can action if you are faced with any ample project.

By apperception on demography the Next Action, we are never at a accident as to what do.

Breaking ample projects into abate pieces aswell makes it abundant easier to appraisal how continued anniversary will yield and so actuate a added authentic timeline for the absolute project, acute if you are alive to a borderline or accept assorted projects on the go.

So, here’s a applied four date access to application Next Accomplishments in your plan and claimed life, as against to aggravating to administer the generally ample and unfocused items that accomplish it on to acceptable To Do lists.

The 4-Step Plan for Application Next-Actions.

1. Brainstorm Your Next Actions.

One, if you can’t analyze a Next Action, again use brainstorming, or adroitness accoutrement such as Mindmapping, to appear up with all accessible options until you accept begin the Next Action.

This isn’t time ashen as a lot of of the account you appear up with will in about-face become Next Accomplishments themselves as the activity progresses.

2. Double-Check Your Selection.

Make abiding you absolutely accept articular the Next Action. ‘Phone Fred to align meeting’ may assume like the Next Action, but not if you don’t accept his buzz number, in which case, ‘Phone Karen to get Fred’s buzz number’, is the absolute Next Action.

If you are not careful, projects can arrest because for some acumen you are clumsy to advance assimilate the Next Activity you accept identified.

3. Use Verbs.

Write your Next Accomplishments down application an alive ‘doing’ verb such as phone, write, visit, speak. If your Next Activity is accounting application unfocused words like – arrange, organize, analysis – again you will apparently acquisition it’s not a Next Activity at all, and it needs to be ‘unpacked.’

4. Accomplish Use of ‘Smart’ Tools.

Maximize the abeyant of ‘Next Activity thinking’ by application new bearing assignment administration applications rather than ‘traditional’ To Do account software.

This blazon of software, including ShoutDone of course, is a above advance on acceptable To Do account software because it offers not alone a added adjustable and absorbing user experience, but aswell one that lets your adapt and administer your Next Accomplishments by assorted ‘contexts’.

Though some tasks are ‘universal’, abounding tasks can alone be done if you are in a accurate ‘context’ such as the appropriate abode (home, office, town); accept the appropriate accessories (computer, phone); or are with the appropriate being (wife, husband, colleague, boss).

The New Approach: ‘Living Lists’.

New assignment administration accoutrement accord you the adaptability to attach Next Accomplishments to both assorted projects and contexts, so that whenever and wherever you are, you will consistently be able to alarm up the appropriate Next Activity for the moment.

This isn’t something that accepted To Account software commonly lets you do.

‘Next Activity thinking’ is one of a lot of able abundance acceptable accoutrement around. Use it in both your plan and claimed activity and you will accompany a laser-like focus to all that you charge to do, accomplishing more, and accomplishing so faster and with greater capability than anytime before.

About the author:

Rich Butterworth is architect of Shout Internet, makers of acute to do account software, ShoutDone.

To download your chargeless archetype of ShoutDone, and for added online writing about added abundance and assignment management, appointment ShoutDone To Do Account Software.

How to Restore Side Bar and Use Up Next in New iTunes

The new adapted adaptation of iTunes is accessible for Apple and Windows users; iTunes 11 is absolutely loaded with abounding functionalities. The iTunes 11 comes with a complete new attending and its latest adaptation is re-designed. This new attending comprise new aloft appearance like MiniPlayer, iCloud affiliation and Up Next. Additionally, added things like the ancillary bar too accept seemed to be ample abroad in a accurate affectation aural the menu. This does gives a added organized attending but still one may acquisition it annoying abnormally those who are acclimated to alive with the old ancillary bar look. Let us acquisition out how to restore the ancillary bar attending and use the Up Next functionality in iTunes 11.

Let us activate by alive with Up Next.

Using Up Next

• Initially you charge to amend the old adaptation of your iTunes in your Mac to the new version. After accomplishing this go to the music library. Now beam as you hover abrasion on to the name of an artisan or a song you an arrow figure will appear. Bang the arrow figure to affectation the activity list.

• Baddest the advantage of Play Next to play the called account like, an artist, an anthology or a song. You can aswell accept the advantage of Up Next account to add it to the account of currently arena songs. Baddest Add to UP Next.

• If you wish to appearance your anew created account of Up Next afresh bang the three accumbent curve displayed at the top of the window. This will acknowledge the amount of currently queued songs in the account and the adjustment they are up for playing.

• For examination the history of Up Next, bang the alarm like figure amid at the top. Additionally if you wish to bright the absolute account or alter it with new one afresh you can baddest Bright option. This will bright the account so that you can accomplish new additions.

• Replacing an absolute play account and abacus new songs is as simple as annoyance and bead functionality. All you charge to do is hover your abrasion on a song. You will see icons like, annul on the larboard and music library on the appropriate side.

• If you are abacus assorted items at already in your Up Next playlist a command alert will ask you to bright the account aboriginal or add new items to the absolute list. If you wish to alter the absolute account afresh use the Bright advantage but if you wish to add new song items afresh again use the functionality of annoyance and drop.

• Up Next advantage can aswell be acclimated if you are already in the MiniPlayer mode. The aforementioned functionalities can be acclimated actuality with agnate commands.

Additionally, you can aswell conduct a seek via Seek figure to attending into the library for abacus a song to your Up Next list.

Now let us apprentice how to restore the ancillary bar appearance in iTunes 11, this is a accessory change congenital aural the new adaptation of iTunes. Some ability wish the old attending aback as some of us are adequate about alive with old ancillary bar view. If you wish it aback afresh it requires abating it including playlists and the old attending iTunes Store. Actuality is how it is done:

• If you wish to admission the old playlists and iTunes Store in the aforementioned old ancillary bar attending afresh bang the buttons amid at the top of iTunes. You will beam that both the buttons are visible. However, the accessory button is fabricated arresting if you accept affiliated a accessory to your system.

• Revealing the ancillary bar is accessible with Option->Command+S key if you are alive on Mac. If you are on Windows use Ctrl+S. You can bang the Appearance advantage and accept Show Sidebar.

• Now your aeronautics options are adequate to that of the antecedent adaptation of iTunes. You will anon beam a altered skin.

Applying the aloft accustomed tips will accredit you abating the Ancillary Bar Appearance and application the Up Next functionality in your iTunes 11.

As a chief tech abutment architect at Brandon Malcolm Smith has been alms online tech abutment to all-around barter for issues accompanying to laptops, desktops, Mac and accessories including iPods, tablets, iPhones and more. Moreover he is an ardent biographer of online writing and blogs that are aimed to advice Internet users. His areas of interests cover computer support, tech support, arising technologies and acquaintance on tech abutment scams.

10 Moments in Canadian Tech Stock History That Changed the World

Is it inevitable? No. Is it probable? Yes. If you are a Canadian inventor, and your plan is of the accomplished importance, it will apparently be commercialized in the United States. One way or another, this is the fate of abounding of the best Canadian inventions. Ask Henry Woodward, who awash US Patent 181,613 to Thomas Edison in 1874 -that was for the ablaze bulb. Or allocution to James Gosling, the Calgary tech beatnik who invented the Java programming accent while alive for Sun MicroSystems. Or even George Retzlaff, a CBC administrator in Toronto, who invented burning epitomize during a 1950 adventure of Hockey Night in Canada and was in actuality prevented by the CBC from reusing it.

Every now and then, however, a Canadian artist not alone hangs on to an invention, but the bookish acreage ends up in a Canadian listed accessible company. Conceivably afterwards even getting acquainted of it, millions of Canadians accept had a banking pale in some of our greatest achievements. This is the belief we put avant-garde for this list. What are the greatest Canadian achievements that we all could have, in some way, endemic a section of in our RRSP’s (before the Canadian alone ban was aerial on those accumulation plans)? Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED), for example, is out. Even admitting The Aggregation was founded on a Canadian invention, it’s carefully a US listing. Although Analysis in Motion has a NASDAQ listing, it’s aswell listed in Canada, so it’s in. Abounding Canadians accept owned, and abide to own RIM in their RRSP’s. Now that we’re bright on the criteria, let’s get appropriate to the list:

1. “Mr. Watson, appear here. I wish to see you.”

Although these acclaimed words, announced by Bell to his abettor Thomas Watson on March 10th, 1876 accept anchored their abode in history, Watson was in actuality in an abutting allowance if they were spoken. Afterwards that summer, a beneath heralded -yet appropriately important- moment happened in Brantford, Ontario if choir could be heard acutely over a alarm placed over four afar away. This accepted that the blast could plan over continued distances. A decade afterwards there were over 150,000 telephones in the United States and, with 1,497 shares, Alexander Graham Bell was the bigger actor of The Bell Blast Company. Bell Canada is now allotment of BCE Inc. and trades beneath the attribute BCE on the Toronto Banal Exchange.

2. The Dynamic Duo Join Forces

In 1989, Jim Balsillie accelerating from Harvard with an MBA. He afraid some of his aeon by demography a job with a baby Kitchener tech close alleged Sutherland Schultz. It was actuality his paths would cantankerous with Mike Lazaridis, as Sutherland Schultz bought ambit boards from RIM. Afterwards Lazaridis rebuffed yield out attempts by Sutherland Schultz, Balsillie abutting RIM as VP Finance. He invested $125,000 of his own money for a 33% pale in the apprentice company. It angry out to be a appealing acceptable investment. Balsillie and Lazaridis would eventually become co-CEO’s and RIM would become one of the a lot of acknowledged and avant-garde companies in Canadian history, with revenues now abreast $15 billion.

3. Nortel Rises and Falls

It concluded badly, absolute badly, for a amazing amount of Canadians. At its peak, in 2000, Nortel had a bazaar amount of $350 billion. At one time, the banal represented 36% of the absolute amount of the Toronto Banal Exchange. It’s acceptable that no banal has anytime been endemic by added Canadians, either anon or through alimony affairs and alternate funds.

Out of nowhere, it seemed, cracks began to emerge. October 25, 2000, CEO John Roth warned, for the aboriginal time, that Nortel would not accommodated its sales targets. The banal fell from $96 to $71 that day. By 2002, bisected of the company’s 90,000 workers had been laid off. And again it got worse. Debt downgrades, absent advertisement deadlines and banking restatements dead a bare assemblage in the stock. It spun out of ascendancy and never recovered. Nortel declared defalcation on January 14, 2009.

Now that we reside in the post-Nortel world, what to accomplish of this? It’s algid abundance to those who absent their jobs, homes, accumulation or all of the above, but some accept that Canada will abide to acquire account from Nortel. In an beat in the July 14th, 2009 Banking Post, Sue Spradley, North American arch of Nokia Siemens Networks talked about Nortel’s bequest afterwards Nokia Siemans had submitted a $650-million bid to buy assertive Nortel assets. “Consider that over the years hundreds of companies accept sprung from Nortel, breeding immeasurable addition and untold bread-and-butter allowances for Canada.: she said. “Nortel’s labs were destinations for the brightest and best acceptance that Canadian universities angry out. It was a allurement for the brightest and best from abounding of the world’s top universities as well. In fact, Nortel is abundantly amenable for the actuality that Canada has one of the world’s a lot of enviable telecommunications systems, and that it is a all-around incubator for the industry.”

At year end 2007, Nortel had about 3,650 US patents and about 1,650 patents in added countries. It is estimated that these patents could accumulate over a billion dollars in revenue. Some brainstorm that Analysis in Motion may be an advancing applicant in this process; RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has alleged Nortel’s fourth bearing LTE or Continued Appellation Evolution technology a “national treasure.”. In fact, RIM today owns about 1,300 patents and about 10% of these adduce Nortel patents. Click on the ad to apprentice added about Serenic (TSXV:SER)

4. Mike and Terry lose some Lawnmowers

Mitel. “Mike and Terry Electronics” or “Mike and Terry’s Lawnmowers”? While Michael Cowpland has attack down the closing account of the agent of the company’s name, the accuracy is based on an absolute event. In 1973, Cowpland and Terry Matthews, who had met at Nortel advertiser Bell Northern Labs, advised to acceptation and advertise cordless electric lawnmowers. Alone agitation was their aboriginal addition was absent at sea. This accept to accept been taken as some affectionate of assurance to the now-legendary partners, because they anon forgot about the lawnmower business and began to aftermath a telephony accent receiver artefact that was based on Cowpland’s Ph.D. thesis. By 1981, Mitel had accomplished the $100 actor dollar anniversary acquirement mark. In 1985 British Telecom acquired a authoritative absorption in Mitel, authoritative Matthews a billionaire. Matthews again went on to anatomy Newbridge Networks which was awash for added than 7 billion to Alcatel in 2000. Matthews, who emigrated to Canada in the 1960′s became the aboriginal billionaire in the history of Wales. Cowpland went on to begin Corel which, at one point, was Canada’s bigger tech company.

5. Roger That

In 1925, Edward (Ted) Rogers, Sr. invented the world’s aboriginal alternating accepted radio tube. This apparatus enabled radios to be powered by accustomed domiciliary electric current. This was a affecting advance in technology and it became the key agency in popularizing radio reception. Ted Sr. died young, at the age of 38. While his again 5 year old son didn’t about-face out to be the artist his ancestor was, his business accuracy commercialized his fathers apparatus to a greater amount than he could accept imagined. Ted Rogers Jr. founded Rogers Radio Broadcasting Limited, which became the ancient backer of the FM arresting in North America. A brace years later, Roger’s CHFI-FM bound became Canada’s a lot of listened to FM radio base and aswell became the a lot of accepted and assisting FM radio base in Canada. Rogers’ interests in radio led him to cable television in the mid-1960s. In 2009, Rogers Communications (TSX:RCI.A) did about $12 billion in revenue.

6. Canada Lends an…Arm

If you were a aborigine in Canada in the 1970′s and aboriginal 80′s you may accept acquainted that the Canadarm was congenital to bear a solid bang to your pocketbook. The Government of Canada invested $108 actor in designing, building, and testing the aboriginal one. The program, which was agitated out by The National Analysis Council of Canada, featured an automated aggregation that was advance by Spar Aerospace, which was ultimately acquired by McDonald Dettwiler (TSX:MCD). The activity aswell included engineers from CAE Electronics (TSX:CAE), who congenital the affectation and ascendancy console as able-bodied as the duke controllers amid in the Shuttle aft flight deck. The Canadian aborigine eventually befuddled off the furnishings of the Canadarm’s antecedent hit; the aboriginal investment resulted in about $700 actor in consign sales, including the auction and aliment of 4 Canadarm systems to NASA, the auction of automatic apparatus to Japan and Europe, the auction of simulators, and the development of automatic systems for the nuclear industry. It aswell helped axis the “brain-drain” establishing Canada as a apple amateur in the fields of avant-garde architect systems and robotics.

7. Ski Dog

In 1937, a Quebec artisan alleged Joseph-Armand Bombardier dreamed of dreamed of architecture a car that could “float on snow.” A few years afterwards schoolchildren in rural locations of that arena were a allotment of the aboriginal humans in the apple to ride snowmobiles, which began as large, multi-passenger vehicles. Bombardier’s apparatus was in actuality alleged the “Ski-Dog” as it was advised to alter dog sleds. A painter in actuality misread the advice and corrective “Ski-Doo” on an aboriginal model. By the time of Bombardier’s death, in 1964, his eponymous Aggregation had sales of $20 million. Bombardier’s afterwards ventures into aerospace and railway grew the aggregation to the internationally accustomed behemothic it has become, now advancing $20 billion in revenue.

8. Open Text becomes a Synonym for Innovation

Before there was Google, there was Open Text. In January 1985, the University of Waterloo accustomed the Centre for the New Oxford English Dictionary, a accord with the Oxford University Press to computerize the OED. This engineers on this activity accomplished that it appropriate developing seek technologies that could be acclimated to bound basis and retrieve information. The seek technology developed for this project, which congenital full-text indexing and string-search technology, was accustomed as getting advantageous for added cyberbanking applications. In 1991, at about the aforementioned time the Internet was emerging, the after-effects of this activity were commercialized by a clandestine aftereffect alleged Open Text Corporation.

As the Internet broadcast in usage, Open Text grew as organizations begin they bare to basis and seek their absolute and growing food of cyberbanking information. In 1994, Open Text began hosting its Open Text 4 seek engine on the Apple Wide Web, aggressive anon with the AltaVista Web seek engine. In 1995, Open Text provided the seek technology acclimated by Yahoo! as allotment of its Web index.

By 2009 Open Text had $725.5 actor USD in revenue, and is accustomed as a apple baton in action agreeable administration (ECM) software solutions.

9. SXC Health goes Public.

Since 2006 SXC Health, founded in Milton, Ontario has accomplished the affectionate of advance we see conceivably already a decade in Canada. The Company’s revenues accept gone from about $80 actor in 2006 to added than $1.4 billion in 2009. But if it weren’t for the different way that Canada’s adventure markets operate, this Canadian success adventure ability never accept happened.

Frequent Cantech Letter contributor, and Caseridge Basic bang-up Adam Adamou, who as a armamentarium administrator in the mid-1990′s was an aboriginal clandestine disinterestedness broker into SXC and afterwards as an investment broker formed with the broader accessible bazaar and adventure basic participants to accounts the aggregation through assorted acquisitions and restructurings, says that estimates of the admeasurement of Canada’s adventure basic bazaar about consistently absence the mark because they abort to accept our amalgam system.

“In Canada, the adventure basic bazaar and the accessible disinterestedness markets charge to plan in bike for technology companies to accept admission to the basic that they charge in adjustment to attack globally”, says Adamou. “Private disinterestedness companies in Canada generally attack to carbon the Silicon Valley adventure model, the all clandestine disinterestedness to a huge IPO model, and that archetypal just doesn’t abide actuality in the aforementioned way.”

Many investors in SXC today may be blind that the acutely anarchistic adjustment that SXC acclimated to go accessible -a about-face takeover of a about listed shell, accustomed the Aggregation to accession $10 actor in 1997 which was followed by added and beyond circuit by adventure capitalists and institutional armamentarium managers over a aeon of over 10 years afore SXC assuredly “hit it big” with a ample antecedent accessible alms on the NASDAQ barter in 2009. This is in actuality a absolute accepted adjustment of adopting adventure funds in Canada and in this case the amalgam arrangement provided not alone the basic but aswell the abutment from the greater investment association of adventure capitalists, investment bankers, analysis analysts, retail brokers and institutional armamentarium managers that accustomed the aggregation to body a acceptable continued appellation business archetypal over an continued aeon of time. SXC Health stands today as conceivably the best archetype of the adaptability and the amount added by the Canadian amalgam system.

10. Canada’s Immigrant Experience -A Graphic Example.

In 2006, the City of Toronto was home to 8 per cent of Canada’s population, but hosted 30 per cent of all contempo immigrants. One would be harder apprenticed to appear up with a bigger GTA rags-to-riches adventure than that of K. Y. Ho, who co-founded ATI Technologies in Markham, ON with adolescent immigrants Lee Ka Lau and Benny Lau. Born into abjection in acreage China, Ho confused to Canada in 1984 and founded ATI (originally alleged Array Technologies) the next year. Throughout the next two decades ATI would become a apple baton in 3D cartoon chips, aggressive with Nvidia and Intel for supremacy in the cartoon industry. In 2006, afterwards announcement acquirement of (US) $2.22 billion the antecedent year, ATI was acquired by Avant-garde Micro Devices for $5.4 billion.

– aerospace mutual funds